Hot chicken at Hattie B’s,  a Pimento Cheese n’ Fried Green Tomato Biscuit or mouth-watering Watermelon Ribs at The Loveless Cafe, some Fried Biscuit Dough at Biscuit Love  just to name a few.

The downtown area offers numerous attractions to keep you on the move…also, on a fun note…the hit-television series “Nashville” has filmed on location here throughout their seasons.  Checkout a bit of  “Nashville” trivia as noted here and there at some of these well-known spots:

THE RYMAN AUDITORIUMIMG_1056.jpg   116 Fifth Avenue N.  Tel 615-889-3060

Regarded as “the Mother Church of Country Music”  Check out the beautiful stained glass windows.

“Nashville” trivia…Rayna and Juliette performed on the Ryman stage together.


IMG_0274 (1).jpg



IMG_0261.jpgIMG_0267.jpg    Try a goo-goo cluster…yum!

THE HERMITAGE HOTEL and its “World Famous Men’s Room”IMG_0588.jpg231 Sixth Avenue North     Tel 615-345-7123

Nashville landmark with over 100 years of history in the heart of downtown…

The Lobby and GrandstaircaseIMG_0590.jpgA breathtaking blend of Old World blend of classical Italian and French RenaissanceFullSizeRender.jpegMagnificent painted glass skylight which remains the lobby focal point


The Oak Bar (Lower Level)IMG_0626.jpgAdjacent to the Capitol Grille, the taproom boasts an 180-bottle Bourbon Library.  Checkout a “Bourbon testing flight”



“World Famous Men’s Room” (Lower Level)IMG_0174.jpgIMG_0177.jpgIMG_0176.jpg“This lush bathroom is walled in lime-green tiles, lime green fixtures, terrazzo floor and a gleaming two-seat shoeshine station!”

The Capitol Grille (Lower Level)FullSizeRender.jpg  The German-styled rathskeller with a vaulted ceiling on massive columns is the hotel’s signature Four Diamond restaurant

“Nashville” trivia…Deacon and Coleman had a secret meeting here.

Nashville B-cycleIMG_0633.jpg  Several locations around town to grab a bike-for-hire

Head on over to the Frist for “BELLISSIMA!”…The Italian Renaissance 1945-1975 car show.IMG_0954.jpg



1950 Cisitalia 202SCIMG_0957.jpgIMG_1046.jpg




IMG_0974 (1).jpgIMG_0979.jpgIMG_0987.jpgIMG_0989.jpgIMG_1008.jpgIMG_1011.jpg

IMG_0998 (1).jpgFerrari’s first full-sized, mid-engine twelve cylinder road car with a “three-seat” configuration with a centralized steering wheel”…driver sits in the middle!

IMG_1015.jpg    919 Broadway

PUCKETT’S GROCERY for a bit of live pickin’ and authentic comfort food…”Burger of the month:  Ironman Burger..classic burger, thick-cut bologna, pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo with a side of fries”…check out their  website for this bit of heaven on a bun and much, much more that keeps the crowds coming back again and again…get there early if you want a seat!IMG_0511.jpg

IMG_0514.jpg   500 Church Street

PIRANHA’S BAR AND GRILL..Funky neighborhood taproom just a block from BroadwayIMG_0709.jpgIMG_0186.jpg   174 3rd Ave N

LOWER BROADWAY…On the corner of Fourth and Broadway, against a “Batman” (AT&T) skyline…IMG_0224.jpg

the soul of the city pulsates to a rhythm all its own.  Struggling artists make their way to Lower Broadway, guitar cases in tow filled with hopes and dreams…


Neon lights shine bright…IMG_0243.jpgIMG_0932.jpgand the sounds of country pouring through the doors on both sides of this iconic street can be heard from morning until the wee hours the next day…this music mecca does not disappoint.  Some of the best “free” entertainment around flows out onto this stretch of road with only a tip jar standing in the way of fame and fortune.  Many of the greatest in country music have passed this way and the walls of these honky tonks are filled with memorabilia to prove it.IMG_0227.jpg

ERNEST TUBB RECORD SHOP offers a treasure trove for classic country music…IMG_0234.jpgIMG_0235.jpgIMG_0236.jpg    417 Broadway

MERCHANTS awaits with Fried Green Tomatoes and house pimento cheese…IMG_0239.jpg     401 Broadway

“Nashville” trivia…Layla’s interview with a blogger scene shot here – Season 3.

Some of Nashville’s world famous honky tonks line this famous street. “Honky Tonk-an establishment that contains at least one rocking’ stage, cold beverage and a party that lasts all day, everyday.”  And here are some of the best…


  1. Tootsies Orchid LoungeIMG_0294.jpgIMG_0943.jpg   422 Broadway  Rooftop bar, 3 stories and 4 stages…World Famous! The likes of Willie Nelson, Mel Tillis, Patsy Cline and Kris Kristofferson among early patrons.

“Nashville” trivia…Gunnar and Will took the stage during Open Mic Night – Season 1.

2.  The Second FiddleIMG_0939.jpg    420 Broadway

3.  Nashville CrossroadsIMG_0225.jpg   419 Broadway

4.  Laylas Bluegrass InnIMG_0937.jpg    418 Broadway    “Smoke free”

“Nashville” trivia…Scarlett singing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

5.  Robert’s Western WorldIMG_0933.jpgIMG_0935.jpg   416 Broadway

6.  The Stage IMG_0284 (1).jpgIMG_0931.jpgIMG_0930.jpg    412 Broadway   “A little bit of Texas and a whole lotta Nashville”

7.  Legends CornerIMG_0298.jpg   428 Broadway

8.  Rippy’s Smokin Bar & GrillIMG_0222.jpgIMG_0945 (1).jpgIMG_0947.jpg   429 Broadway   “three stages – 2 floors”, outdoor patio

“Nashville” trivia…Will plays this bar in Season 1.

8.  Whiskey Bent SaloonIMG_0713.jpgIMG_0715.jpgIMG_0717.jpg   306 Broadway …”only iced-down beer on the street” and Broadway’s largest whiskey selection…

With no cover charge and some of the best live entertainment on the planet, a stroll down Music City’s Honky Tonk Highway, the most famous stretch of street in Nashville, is an experience not to be missed.


Other than the skyline, all photos are my own.








46492814_m.jpg  “ermess/123RF”


THE MOST CHARMING SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS IN ITALY:                                              Featuring Ristorante Cungarelle Trabocco, Vasto Marina, Abruzzo, Italy


Off the beaten track and a short drive from Rome, Abruzzo spreads from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic sea.  Unique to Abruzzo are the trabocchi…old fishing machines that dot the Trabocchi Coast and the Coast of Gargano since the 18th century.

A trabucco is a massive construction built from wood, which consists of a platform anchored to the rock by large logs of Aleppo pine, jutting out into the sea from where two (or more) long arms called antennae stretch out suspended some feet above the water and support a huge, narrow-meshed net called trabocchetto.


The fishing technique is “on sight”.  It consists of intercepting, with wide nets, the flows of fish moving along the ravines of the coast.  Trabocchi are located where the sea is deep enough (at least six meters), and they are built on rocky peaks generally oriented southeast or north in order to exploit the favorable marine current.

The net is lowered into the water through a complex system of winches and, likewise, promptly pulled up to retrieve its catch.  At least two men are entrusted with the tough task of operating the winches that maneuver the giant net.  The trabucco is managed by at least four fishermen who share the duties of watching the fish and maneuvering.13592282_1094420020605945_1420260560948619390_n.jpg

Some of these old fishing machines have been restored and converted into charming, magical little restaurants that bring the meaning “al fresco dining” to a whole new level.  These unique restaurants are a “must-do” for any seafood aficionado…serving “straight from sea to table”.


One of the most famous is Ristorante Cungarelle Trabocca                                                          http://www.traboccocungarelle.it





For approximately 50 euros ($40-57) per person, a fixed menu (check their website for prices and options) is paraded out in an overdose of seafood delicacies…so many courses and dishes one loses count…the ultimate in seafood dining.

As you sit above the sparkling, sun-lit water and soak in nature’s glory, the feast begins…an appetizer of marinated baby octopus, calamari, stuffed mussels, clams, langoustine, small sardines, grilled small fish (whatever the nets have to offer for the day).  A first course follows with pasta and seafood…perhaps a rich seafood soup with just out-of-the oven baked bread for soaking up all the heavenly juices, followed by a main course of baked fish and roasted potatoes.  Finally, lemon sorbet and fresh fruit put on the finishing touches…and let’s not forget the free-flowing local wine, coffee, water and digestive (limoncello)…all included.



As the courses are served and the hours blur one into another, you linger and reflect over this unbelievable spread of splendor …enjoying not only a feast for the palette and all the hard work that went into making it so special, but an unmatched setting that surrounds in all its glory…the most “perfect of days”.

This is truly a lifetime experience not to be missed.


Tip:  Reservations are a must because as the saying goes “Full is full”!                                         Contact:  +39 340 862 9815

I appreciate these beautiful pictures from the Trabocco Cungarelle and hope that you will one day be fortunate enough to find yourself enjoying this beautiful setting along with the freshest fish you could ever have at this most special place beside the sea…



Drone Vision Italia…http://www.dronevisionitalia.it


Want another good reason to visit London…as if another reason to feast on cakes and cream teas, catch up on the latest gossip for hours at a time wasn’t enough?

Did I mention, oh by the way, it is “National Afternoon Tea Week”…August 8-14!

Here are my favorite picks for the best in themed, whimsical and “oh so much fun” afternoon teas.  I hope you will check out their websites, make a reservation, pop in and have one of the best afternoons of your life over good conversation and a lovely pot of tea.  Let’s take a peek:

  1. “The Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at Sanderson”  Sanderson Hotel, LondonLQ603386_942long.jpgwww.morganshotelgroup.com
  2. “Afternoon Tea Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”  One Aldwych, LondonCharlie Tea March 14.jpgCocktail Charlie teapot.jpgwww.onealdwych.com
  3. “Afternoon Tea with Hamley’s”   Langham Hotel, Londonhamleys-afternoon-tea.jpgwww.palm-court.co.uk
  4. “Charlie & The Chesterfield Afternoon Tea” (Oompa Loompa Tea, special children’s     version)  The Chesterfield Mayfair, LondonCHMF_CharlieAfternoonTea_002_1024x576.jpgwww.chesterfieldmayfair.com
  5. “The Ampersand Hotel’s Science Afternoon Tea”   The Ampersand Hotel, LondonAmpersand © Amy Murrell May 2016-17.jpgAmpersand © Amy Murrell May 2016-24 copy 2.jpgwww.ampersandhotel.com
  6. “It’s All in the Game Afternoon Tea”  The St. James’s Hotel and Club, LondonNiall_Clutton1287-01.jpgsjt_tea.jpegwww.stjameshotelandclub.com
  7. “Fashionista’s Afternoon Tea – Spring/Summer 2016 Collection”   The BerkeleyHero Shot 1 (1).jpg www.the-berkeley.co.uk